Wedding timing and Wedding Budget

With this blog we want to give a lot of practical information on how to live the preparation of the wedding, a magical moment to be enjoyed, eliminating the reasons of stress, with a good organization!

Here’s the Wedding timing and in attached the Wedding Budget that you can print and use immediately, so that you can live your wedding day as protagonists and in absolute serenity.

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Kisses under the mistletoe. What can not miss in the Wedding Day in the period of festivities

White snow, Magic Gold, Silver light. Here there are the favorite themes from Villa Andrea. The sophisticated glamour events, celebrated in the holiday season, takes a look bright and effervescent.

The essential ingredients for a wedding day during festivities period are bubbles, gifts and glitter. A xmastime event, in fact, is an event for definition luxury that adds a touch of more opulence to the normal effervescence of the wedding.

Villa Andrea celebrates the opulence with the essence. Its position makes it majestically Queen of a breathtaking reserved for a privileged audience. The setting is a show that satisfies, the view on Capri and on the coast, from Sorrento, reaches the Boardwalk. And if this spell was accompained by a thousand of lights in a context even richer? It would be glamorous! Would a Christmas Gala!

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