17 January 2017 igianni84

Wedding timing and Wedding Budget

With this blog we want to give a lot of practical information on how to live the preparation of the wedding, a magical moment to be enjoyed, eliminating the reasons of stress, with a good organization!

Here’s the Wedding timing and in attached the Wedding Budget that you can print and use immediately, so that you can live your wedding day as protagonists and in absolute serenity.

1 year before

  • Define your budget and set priorities
  • Choose the church, the town hall, or better yet, a magic place for a thrilling Yes (civil unions and renewal of promises)
  • Fixed the date in Villa

8 months before

  • Define the wedding style
  • Fill out the guest list and those of the people who will receive only the wedding invitation
  • Choose hairdresser and beautician

6 months before

  • Begin the tour to buy wedding dresses. Make sure that the dress of the groom and the bride’s dress are paired.
  • Order the wedding invitations
  • Plan your honeymoon

5 months before

  • Define your wedding list
  • Book car that will accompany the bride and groom

3 months before

  • Choose the wedding rings
  • Define the fittings and details
  • Choose the musical accompaniment and the photographer
  • Order the wedding favors

2 months before

  • Book the clothes’ proof
  • Define the wedding menu
  • Define hairstyle and make-up
  • Send out wedding invitations and publish the wedding list

1 month before

  • Define the musical program
  • Assign seats at the tables
  • Provide for a site inspection with photographer and musicians in the places of the ceremony and in the places of the Wedding Party.

1 week before

  • Celebrate the bachelor party and bachelorette party
  • Pack your bags and check that everything is organized for the honeymoon
  • Check the confirmations for the wedding party

1 day before

  • Absolute rest to arrive in perfect shape to the wedding day
  • Here, in Villa, we’ll take care of all!

And now … Enjoy the most beautiful day!

Download the Wedding Budget here.

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